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Monday, November 19, 2018   /   by John McLaughlin

NOW HIRING - Real Estate Agents for Growing Real Estate Team Needed!

Before we jump in, here's our disclosure for you to consider...

Our Team is not for everyone. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most. The values of our Team are built on a deep commitment to providing world-class service for our agents and the community. You will be expected to push yourself, to challenge yourself, to get into high-level actions very early on, and to strengthen the values, behaviors and culture that are essential to our Team's success.

With that said, real estate agents are needed! Our team is growing and we have more opportunities to provide than we can handle. The North Florida Moves Team is one of the fastest growing teams in Northern Florida and we need more people to service our business. 

Recognized as the #1 real estate team in Tallahassee, FL, the North Florida Moves Team wakes up daily with a fire in our bellies. Every day. We succeed through others. We put our ego aside. We are hard working. We expect extraordinary res ...

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Friday, October 19, 2018   /   by John McLaughlin

Is Fall/Winter the Best Time to Buy a House?

We get this question all the time from potential clients of ours: "When really is the best time to buy or sell?" When considering the best time to buy real estate, it starts with deciding why you need/want to buy a home in the first place. Do you have a growing family? Are you tired of paying rent? Are you looking for an investment opportunity? Are you relocating for work or to be closer to family? Once you decide the reason to buy, the rest becomes much simpler.

The short answer to, "when is the best time to buy?," is when there are the fewest numbers of buyers shopping for homes. As a home buyer, the last thing you want is competition from additional potential buyers. Simple economics taught us that more competition = more demand = a higher price for you.

As of 2018, Mill ...

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Sunday, July 1, 2018   /   by Matthew Farrell

The Purr-fect way to spend your weekend morning

Do you love coffee? Do you also love cats? This is the spot for you! The Tally Cat Cafe works with the Leon County Humane Society to bring you a relaxing hour long experience with kittens and cats, and your favorite cup of coffee or tea. The Tally Cat Cafe serves a variety of locally-sourced drinks and foods, including coffee grounds from Lucky Goat Coffee. I spent my morning there reading my kindle, and watching all of the cats and kittens bounce around happily around the room. I also got to see a very happy mother adopt "the softest kitten" for her two sons and her family. The owners of Tally Cat Cafe are kind and knowledgeable, you should definitely stop by!

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Sunday, June 3, 2018   /   by Matthew Farrell

SoMo Grows!

UrbanTallahassee Web Link

Proof is a well known established microbrewery that is moving! Their lease is ending and they are moving their operation to South Monroe, where the sidewalks and shops connect to Cascades park via Cascades Crossing Trail and Bridge. As of now, Proof hopes to open the new warehouse in mid January 2019. With this warehouse and cascades park being in close proximity to the Capital building, that particular area will certainly see more development as the city continues to grow. Cheers to Tallahassee growth!

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